Biography – Profile

Mick Akers brings more than two decades of design and construction experience in federal and military projects to Biscayne. Since joining Biscayne in 2012 as a Project Manager with extensive large project experience, he has excelled in the design-build sector within the company, managing some of the largest and most complex projects in Biscayne’s resume. As a project manager on these projects, Mr. Akers has provided highly successful, on time, within budget leadership on concurrent contracts which also required extensive on-site teams with high level security clearances.

Mr. Akers grew up in western Maryland and, not long after graduating high school, worked a number of construction projects and eventually signed on to two military construction projects in Iraq where he spent 3 years in the construction of projects for the US Marines and the US Air Force at Al Asad Air Base. As the onsite Project Manager for these projects, he gained invaluable experience managing dozens of foreman, hundreds of subcontractors and workers under adverse conditions related to working on foreign soil, language barriers, cultural adaptations and scores of other war-time challenges. During his tenure at Biscayne, Mick has acquired an extensive resume of safety and quality certifications as well as security clearances including sensitive, secret, and top-secret classifications from all of the agencies for which the company has under contract.

Mr. Akers lives relatively near where he grew up, in Hagerstown, MD with his wife and three children. He and his family are active in their church and contribute time and energy in support of those in need both domestically and internationally.