About Us

Biscayne Contractors, Inc. (Biscayne) is a minority-owned business based in Alexandria, Virginia that brings specialized experience, past performance, proven project management policies/procedures and technical expertise to provide the flexibility, responsiveness, and reliable performance for all of your construction needs.

Since our founding in 1986, Biscayne has successfully performed thousands of construction projects for clients across the Metropolitan DC area. Our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations are attested to by the continuing award of commercial projects. Additionally, we have extensive experience in successfully executing numerous, simultaneous projects. In our 36-year history, Biscayne has managed almost 3,000 projects and has never missed a delivery deadline; in fact, on many occasions we have completed projects ahead of schedule.

Biscayne understands that time is of the essence and on-time/within-budget performance is critical to the successful performance of all projects regardless of size, scope or complexity. We strongly believe it is because of our in-house procedures, quality control programs, management strategies and subcontractor partnering that we have continued to thrive in this economy while providing our clients with finished products that they can be proud of.


“This contractor is clearly heads and shoulders above the others when it comes to customer service, performance of work, quality and consistency of installation, management and was outstanding on this most difficult project.”


Kevin Rattliff, Branch Chief at US General Services Administration