Our Team

We have configured our organizational structure to provide essential program management oversight and systems support while empowering project managers and project teams to execute production self-sufficiently, ensuring responsiveness and flexibility to customer-specific requirements. This organizational structure has been used successfully on numerous projects and we are confident that it will prove successful
for your needs.

Management Approach Statement
Biscayne has a proven track record of ensuring quality work and management principles as well as efficient, effective and timely delivery of work to our clients.

We have the depth of experience to manage multiple projects without adversely affecting the quality, price or schedule of any of our projects. By developing a clear line of authority and specific, defined responsibilities, we have found it possible to deliver our projects on schedule, within budget and with the highest level of quality. Furthermore, as the prime contractor, Biscayne has the financial, bonding and insurability qualifications to ensure administrative and technical success.

With over 90% of all Biscayne work involving renovation of active, operational buildings – including office buildings, post offices, museums, court facilities and other operational buildings with employees and public access during construction – our safety procedures and practices have resulted in a superior overall safety record with no lost time accident claims in our entire 36-year history. This is illustrated in our EMR of 0.83.

Working toward a shared vision with our clients, we constantly strive for superior results today and in the future.