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Biscayne utilizes the US Army Corps of Engineers Site Safety Plan format (EM-385 1.1) as a basis for all Site Specific Safety Plans. The criteria and requirements of the Corp of Engineers Safety Program are more stringent and comprehensive than OSHA requirements. The guidelines, procedures and in particular, the Activity Hazard Analysis, provide a broad, all-encompassing approach that is focused on preventative measures geared toward deterring safety incidents and avoiding accidents. Our current EMR score for 2022 is 0.83 What’s an EMR score?

Corporate Safety Policy

Biscayne’s Corporate Policy on safety is that there is no company priority higher than safety. As evidence of the importance of safety within Biscayne’s corporate culture, the company employs a full time safety staff and retains the services of two independent safety consultants.

Safety Training

Safety Training is provided for all Biscayne field and office based Project Management Personnel on a regular basis to maintain current certification. It should be noted that all Site Superintendents require a minimum of Level 2 Certification which mandates at least OSHA 30 hour Training and Certification plus 24-hours annual recertification.

Supervised and Controlled Safety Standards

Safety, Security, and Protection of your property and contractor and public personnel are the highest priorities in the performance of work for Biscayne. Biscayne’s record on safety and quality after over 36 years of work is a clear illustration of our ability to perform safely, efficiently, and without impact to operations, facilities, equipment and personnel.

Safety Approach

A Comprehensive Program
We have a comprehensive Safety Program implemented by a deeply experienced Safety Director and a full complement of Safety Inspectors. The result is a highly successful Safety Record. Our Safety Program meets and exceeds all OSHA and
USACE EM-385 1.1 requirements.