Biography / Profile

Tim McCarthy started with Biscayne in 2007 as a Project Manager. Within a short time however, his superior technical, leadership and management skills became apparent and he was promoted to the position of Vice President. In this position, he has full responsibility and authority over all planning, resourcing and direction of Biscayne’s project management structure. Under Mr. McCarthy’s leadership, his project management team has successfully completed hundreds of projects ranging in size from several thousand dollars to $15M for Biscayne’s long-term federal customers including: the US Postal Service, US Army, US Navy, General Services Administration, FBI, the Smithsonian, and many others.

Since his arrival at Biscayne, Mr. McCarthy has expanded the company’s geographic area of operation to southern Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. Additionally, he assembled and oversees an extremely successful emergency response unit within the company, providing emergency and temporary power, HVAC, flood, structural and virtually any other disaster reparation services that Biscayne’s customers may need.

With a BA from Catholic University of America, Tim McCarthy played football in high school for Gonzaga and collegiately for Catholic University. He has achieved LEED AP certification, state contracting licensure in West Virginia, an extensive resume of safety and quality certifications as well as security clearances including sensitive, secret and top-secret classifications from all of the agencies for which the company has under contract.

Mr. McCarthy lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and family of four children. He plays recreational hockey in two leagues and coaches his eldest son’s football team.